Monthly Archives: November 2014

Seniors and Chiropractic

I am often asked who should see a chiropractor, to this I answer everyone. Everyone should have a chiropractor as they have a family physician, dentist and optometrist. One group of people who would particularly benefit from chiropractic care are our seniors. There are 3 major reasons seniors benefit from chiropractic care.   Pain reduction … Read More

Did You Know That November Is Osteoporosis Month?

I have decided that the topic of this blog should be osteoporosis. For one November is Osteoporosis Month. Secondly, after being in practice for 17 years a number of patients who started care with me at the beginning when they were middle aged are now seniors, retiring looking forward to travel, increased leisure time, time … Read More

The Truth About Compression Garments

  You may have noticed watching a sporting event, whether it be basketball or a running event, the athletes seem to be returning to longer socks. This most likely is not a fashion choice but one of performance enhancement. Previously compression garments were worn by people who were having poor venous return, i.e. poor circulation … Read More