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Back to school means buying backpacks

  Back to school means buying backpacks We’re getting close to what some parents will refer to as, “ the most wonderful time of the year”, when our kids return to school. Back to school invariably also means back to school shopping, and often at the top of the list is a new backpack. Back … Read More

Careers that benefit from regular chiropractic care: Part 2

        Careers that  benefit from regular chiropractic care: Part 2 In my first blog in this series I described how after painting my house for several weeks I was feeling quite sore in the upper back, neck and shoulders and those tradespeople who perform a lot of overhead tasks are at risk … Read More

Novel treatments for osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis treatment Most of you know someone with osteoarthritis, or may have it yourself; it is a very common form of joint disease that is related to aging and wear and tear of joint surfaces. This can occur in any joint but commonly occurs in the load bearing joints, the hips, knees and … Read More

Heart Rate

  Heart rate   A common question people ask when we discuss exercise is “ how do I know if I’m exercising hard enough?”. What should my heart rate be? A reasonable question, it can be explained in a number of ways and may differ depending on the exercise goal. Most often we use heart … Read More

Careers that would benefit from chiropractic care: Part one

    Careers that would benefit from regular chiropractic care: Part one Working on my own home the last few weeks has enlightened me as to certain professional tradespeople who would benefit from regular chiropractic care. I have been doing a good deal of painting, drywall installation and having electrical wiring done at my home … Read More

Frozen shoulder

      Frozen Shoulder: The What, Where, Why,  When and What to do about it This common shoulder problem is clinically referred to as “adhesive capsulitis”, or sticky joint. This problem is very common affecting 5% of the population at any one time and results in pain and a severely limited ability to move … Read More

Different Types of Exercises

By now you’ve seen my posts on the benefits of exercise, if there ever was a fountain of youth it is exercise. For the uninitiated however, exercise is a loaded word, there are so many types of exercise floating about and all are the “best” at doing something, making you stronger, fitter, leaner, faster etc. … Read More