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Seniors and Chiropractic

I am often asked who should see a chiropractor, to this I answer everyone. Everyone should have a chiropractor as they have a family physician, dentist and optometrist. One group of people who would particularly benefit from chiropractic care are our seniors. There are 3 major reasons seniors benefit from chiropractic care.   Pain reduction … Read More

Did You Know That November Is Osteoporosis Month?

I have decided that the topic of this blog should be osteoporosis. For one November is Osteoporosis Month. Secondly, after being in practice for 17 years a number of patients who started care with me at the beginning when they were middle aged are now seniors, retiring looking forward to travel, increased leisure time, time … Read More

The Truth About Compression Garments

  You may have noticed watching a sporting event, whether it be basketball or a running event, the athletes seem to be returning to longer socks. This most likely is not a fashion choice but one of performance enhancement. Previously compression garments were worn by people who were having poor venous return, i.e. poor circulation … Read More

How To Pick The Right Backpack For Your Child’s Back

We are approaching what some parents term, “ the most wonderful time of the year”, when the kids go back to school. With this however is back to school shopping for paper, binders, pencil crayons and the inevitable backpack. For some, the kindergartners this is their first one, the first time in their life they … Read More

Heads Up

Heads up This blog topic comes about as a response to a conversation with a patient who was recently in a rear end collision and wondered if there was anything she could have done to lessen the impact. A rear end collision typically results in what most people know as “whiplash”, or in the literature, … Read More