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Running shoes, running, running injuries and chiropractic care

Running shoes, running, running injuries and chiropractic care. I need new running shoes. At my family’s request to add more fitness options we purchased a treadmill to extend the running season as no one in my family ( sheepishly I include myself here) are too keen to be running outside in the snow, snow shoeing … Read More

Heart Rate

  Heart rate   A common question people ask when we discuss exercise is “ how do I know if I’m exercising hard enough?”. What should my heart rate be? A reasonable question, it can be explained in a number of ways and may differ depending on the exercise goal. Most often we use heart … Read More

Different Types of Exercises

By now you’ve seen my posts on the benefits of exercise, if there ever was a fountain of youth it is exercise. For the uninitiated however, exercise is a loaded word, there are so many types of exercise floating about and all are the “best” at doing something, making you stronger, fitter, leaner, faster etc. … Read More