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Why does my chiropractor care if I smoke?

            Why does my chiropractor care if I smoke? As a chiropractor why do I care if my patients smoke? I mean it’s not like I’m treating their lungs or heart, right? Well no directly I’m not. I will have some effect on your lung function, what? How? By working … Read More

Careers that benefit from regular chiropractic care, PART 4: Professional drivers

Regular chiropractic care and professional drivers Careers that benefit from regular chiropractic care part 4: Professional drivers In my last blog in this series I talked about our emergency personnel benefitting from regular chiropractic care. In this issue I will discuss another group of workers who benefit from regular chiropractic care. This group are our … Read More

Is it my back or is it my hip?

Is it my back or is it my hip? This is a common question I’m asked and the answer sometimes isn’t so easy, so I’ll try to explain with a couple of simple clinical scenarios. The first scenario, involves a person I’ll call “Bill”, Bill is a 35 year old man who was doing some … Read More

Novel treatments for osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis treatment Most of you know someone with osteoarthritis, or may have it yourself; it is a very common form of joint disease that is related to aging and wear and tear of joint surfaces. This can occur in any joint but commonly occurs in the load bearing joints, the hips, knees and … Read More

Disc Related Back Pain

    What is Disc Related Back Pain? This being my first blog, I wondered what to speak about, however today I saw someone who’s case while not uncommon gave me the motivation to talk today about low back pain related to a herniated intervertebral disc. What is disc related back pain? What is disc … Read More