Foot Care & Orthotics - Pickering, Ontario

Not paying attention to your feet and improperly fitting shoes are responsible for most foot problems.

It’s important to understand that your feet and the foot/ankle complex play a vital part in supporting your body. Improper gait or the way your foot hits the ground may cause pain all the way up the body, ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, pelvis and back pain.

Making sure that you wear proper fitting shoes and the use of either off the shelf or custom orthotics can help alleviate pain due to improper foot mechanics or gait.

Who can Benefit from Orthotics?

•If you currently have foot/ankle/knee/hip or back pain.

•If your work requires you to stand on hard surfaces i.e. concrete or tile floors

•If your work requires you to wear protective footwear

•You are an athlete

•If you are over age 40

•If you already have noticeable foot pathology for example, fallen arches, corns, bunions

•If you have a leg length discrepancy, meaning one leg is longer than the other either from normal growth of if you’ve had a broken leg or foot in the past

•If you have knee or hip arthritis

•If you are diabetic

How Do Orthotics Help?

•The orthotics optimize the way in which your feet contact the ground.

•Provide better arch support which in turn provides better support for the rest of your body

•By improving the way the joints in your lower body work, your muscles work more efficiently reducing fatigue