Soft Tissue Therapy - Pickering Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Finn

Soft tissue therapy is the use of hands on or instrumented treatment of the soft tissues including muscles, connective tissue and the fascia that covers the muscles.

Soft tissue techniques

•Trigger Point techniques, or sustained pressure on a tender point relieves/relaxes tight/tender areas within muscle.

•Myofascial Therapy targets the muscle and connective tissue systems, promotes flexibility and mobility of the body's soft tissues, mobilizes fibrous adhesions that can occur between layers of muscle and reduces the degree of  scarring caused by injury or surgery.

•Myofascial therapy can be done by hand or using specially designed soft tissue therapy instruments


•static stretching can be done by the Dr. Finn or taught to the patient and  attempts to lengthen tight muscles.

Dynamic stretching, done by Dr. Finn is used to reduce tightness in a muscle or group of muscles.